Ian J Crossley Memorial Mountain TT - 25th May 2011

Full Result
PosName  ClubTime
1Sam Clark SBuxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 51m.43s
2Martin Cain SGS Surosa 52m.06s
3Ian Stott SBlackburn and District CTC 52m.25s
4Chris Myhill VPeak Road Club 52m.46s
5Adrian Lawrence STeam BGlobal 53m.15s
6Simon Bridge VLeigh Premier RC 53m.40s
7Andy Marshall VVS Cycles 54m.35s
8Stephen Robinson SHolme Valley Wheelers 54m.43s
9Jimmy Froggatt VWills Wheels CC 54m.47s
10Sam Pedder SBase2Race Cycles 54m.55s
11Mark Tickle SLeigh Premier RC 55m.03s
12Nathan Turnbull SLeigh Premier RC 55m.12s
13Dave Eckersall SBase2Race Cycles 56m.12s
14Paul Cheetham VBase2Race Cycles 56m.24s
15Chris Storer VSouth Pennine RC 58m.38s
16Nick Allen VRochdale Triathlon Club 59m.30s
17Rob Wilkinson VOldham Century RC 1h.00m.45s
18Miles Wilkinson SManchester Wheelers 1h.00m.54s
19Ian Kenworthy SOldham Century RC 1h.00m.55s
20Martin Kay VRochdale Triathlon Club 1h.01m.22s
21Paul Warrener VRossendale RC 1h.02m.10s
22Mark Flynn VOldham Century RC 1h.03m.05s
23Martin K Sackfield VLeigh Premier RC 1h.03m.35s
24Kev Shand VWest Pennine RC 1h.04m.00s
25Viv Slack LManchester Wheelers 1h.04m.31s
26Emily Hughes LManchester Wheelers 1h.05m.18s
27Tim Mitchell SSaddleworth Clarion 1h.05m.36s
stMartin Shepherd VRochdale Triathlon Club 1h.05m.36s
29Barry Preston VWest Pennine RC 1h.06m.45s
30Ian Ross VNova CC 1h.11m.13s
31Chris Duoba VRochdale Triathlon Club 1h.11m.25s
32Christopher Fisher VSowerby Brothers Cycles RT 1h.33m.09s
1st Sam Clark  Buxton CC/Sett Valley/Cycles                   51m.43s       25
2nd Martin Cain  GS Surosa                                    52m.06s       15
3rd Ian Stott  Blackburn & District CTC                       52m.25s       10
4th Adrian Lawrence  Team BGlobal  (NB. 1 rider 1 prize rule) 53m.15s        7
5th Andy Marshall  VS Cycles       (   "     "    "    "    ) 54m.35s        5

1st Vet Chris Myhill  Peak Road Club                          52m.46s       10
2nd Vet Simon Bridge  Leigh Premier RC                        53m.40s        5

1st Lady Viv Slack  Manchester Wheelers                     1h.04.31s       10

1st Team Leigh Premier RC (S Bridge, M Tickle, N Turnbull)              each  5

13th Dave Eckersall  Base2Race Cycles                                        5

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